Praise for Radaker's "Lewis"

“Professor Radaker’s portrayal of C. S. Lewis mesmerized the audience.  It was a tour de force!  His voice and physical appearance were a near double for Lewis.  Even those familiar with some of Lewis’ writings came away feeling as if they had met Lewis in a new and wonderful way.  This is a performance no one, familiar or not with Lewis’s works, should miss!”
--C. Mac Hamon, Senior Pastor, Castleton United Methodist Church, Indianapolis, Indiana

“After five days with Kevin Radaker in Beijing, I see him as a model of the Christian professor.  Certainly one of his finest performances as C. S. Lewis was before 275 international school teachers in Beijing.  His faithful and skillful presentation of C. S. Lewis’ words and thoughts ministered to those who have known grief and trials and inspired all of us to gracious and thoughtful service.”
--Dr. Phil Bassett, Director of Teacher Training, International Schools of China,

“I do not know how anyone could do a better job of choosing passages from Lewis’ works to provide as clear an understanding of the man in a seventy-minute program. I recommend the program very highly.”
--David Neuhouser, Center for the Study of C. S. Lewis and Friends, Taylor University, Upland, Indiana

“Kevin Radaker brought C. S. Lewis to life for our community at Colorado Christian University.  A few minutes into his performance, it occurred to me that the man who wrote all that wonderful literature was a real person.  I will never read C. S. Lewis the same way again.”
--Sid Buzzell, Dean, School of Theology, Colorado Christian University, Lakewood, Colorado

“Dr. Radaker masterfully captures the essence of C. S. Lewis—his wit, his humor, his heart, and his deep, thought-provoking Christian convictions.  The performance was excellent in every way and greatly appreciated by our diverse audience, which included atheists, seekers and devout Christians.”
--Tim Julian, Pastor of Worship and Arts, Meadow Park Church of God, Columbus, Ohio

“It is with great enthusiasm that I highly recommend Professor Radaker’s dramatic portrayal of C. S. Lewis.  His brilliant enactment of Lewis captivated and enthralled our standing-room-only audience.”
--Brian Barrett, Adult Reference Librarian, Carmel Clay Public Library, Carmel, Indiana

“Dr. Radaker provided an awe-inspiring portrayal of C. S. Lewis in our Bethel University Chapel. It is quite apparent that he is not only concerned with offering an excellent portrayal of Lewis, but also with the spiritual edification of his audience.”
--Pastor Laurel Bunker, Dean of Campus Ministries and Campus Pastor, Bethel University, St. Paul, MN

“Professor Kevin Radaker was, to use the word of one of my colleagues, 'spellbinding' as C. S. Lewis. The audience was in rapt attention for his entire performance. This one-man-show was one of the most successful events we have had in our lecture series. Bravo!”
--Gregory S. Clapper, PhD, Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Univ. of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN

“Dr. Radaker brought Lewis to life before the eyes of our students, painting an indelibly powerful image of the literary giant.”
--M. Dale Griffin, Dean of Spiritual Life, Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, Oklahoma

“Dr. Radaker has done a masterful job of becoming C. S. Lewis, thrilling those like myself whose lives have been so touched by Lewis.  Don’t miss his show when it comes your way!”
--Edwin Brown, M.D., Assembler of Edwin Brown Collection of Lewis first editions, manuscripts, letters at Taylor University

 “Dr. Radaker’s excellent acting amply displayed the sparkling wit and intelligence of C. S. Lewis while offering a voice that was rich and strong.  The dramatic presentation was so well done that persons might have thought that this was Lewis himself if they had not known better.”
--Reverend Maxine Jones, Pastor of Adult Ministries, Church at the Crossing, Indianapolis, Indiana

“Kevin Radaker’s brilliant portrayal of C. S. Lewis at our public library was an engaging and thought-provoking evening. Those in attendance did not want the show to end!”
--Patrick Manning, Branch Manager, Akron-Summit County Public Library, Northfield, Ohio

“Given Professor Radaker’s superb portrayal of C. S. Lewis, it is clearly evident that behind the program is meticulous preparation and research.  Through carefully chosen and sensitively arranged passages from Lewis’ nonfiction writings, he convincingly conveys the spirit of C. S. Lewis.”
--Reverend Martin A. Roth, Retired Lutheran Parish Minister, Jamestown, Pennsylvania

“What a treat and what a joy!  Professor Radaker brings C. S. Lewis to life with just the right amounts of levity and serious thought.  Our large audience sat enthralled. I highly recommend ‘A Visit from C. S. Lewis’ to other public libraries.”
--Mary Speckner, Adult Programming Coordinator, Bartholomew Co. Public Library, Columbus, Indiana

“This is a perfect program for public libraries. The appeal of C. S. Lewis is that he was a scholar, but he could speak in the language of common experience about the questions with which we all wrestle. Dr.Radaker’s splendid portrayal captured perfectly a great mind whose heart had been humbled. Our standing-room-only crowd was not disappointed.”
--Tony Brewer, Erie Community Library Manager, High Plains Library District, Colorado

“With careful research, diligent attention to nuance, and simple props, Radaker has taken the one-man show to a level of fine art.  For inspiration, for knowledge, and for a deeply satisfying evening, I highly recommend ‘A Visit with C. S. Lewis.’  Dr. Radaker left our appreciative audience asking for more.”
--MaryAnn Keiner, Director of Adult Formation, Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church, Noblesville, Indiana

“Kevin Radaker is an admirable Lewis scholar and a superb actor. The segment of the dramatic monologue devoted to Lewis' meeting his wife and struggling with her death brought tears to our eyes. It was an unforgettable evening for us all.”
--Reverend Dr. William B. Reisenweaver, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church, South Charleston, Ohio

“My wife and I were spellbound with Dr. Radaker’s first-class presentation.  Be assured that Kevin Radaker is a seasoned professional who is able to share Lewis’ wisdom with great skill.”
--Dr. Barry Callen, University Professor of Christian Studies, Anderson University, Anderson, Indiana

“The journey of C. S. Lewis from being passionately unChristian to becoming passionately Christian is a story that must be kept a living story and not one on the dusty back shelves of history. The heart and mind of C. S. Lewis are a gift from God, and with excellence Dr. Radaker brings that heart and that mind to life for a new generation, and this too is a gift from God.”
--Mark A. Martin, Senior Pastor of Maiden Lane Church of God, Springfield, Ohio

“While Lewis’ writings are timeless, Dr. Radaker’s selections are especially relevant for today’s audience.  Through his superb characterization, he made my wife and I feel as if we were in the presence of the great writer and thinker.”
--Ronald McClung, Assistant General Secretary, The Wesleyan Church

“Professor Radaker has created a show that will appeal to a wide audience, and I would recommend him to any college, university, or church looking for an engaging way to learn more about C. S. Lewis.”
--Daniel Eppley, Associate Professor of Religion, Thiel College, Greenville, Pennsylvania

“Kevin Radaker brings both a scholar’s knowledge and a book lover’s heart to his dramatic rendering of C. S. Lewis.  Our congregation was both enlightened and entertained by way of a format that is compelling for a broad range of audiences.”
--Carma Wood, Associate Pastor of Worship and The Arts, Park Place Church of God, Anderson, Indiana

“Our residents thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Radaker taking them through the pages of time to encounter C. S. Lewis.  Dr. Radaker’s Oxford dialect was easy to understand and the anecdotes effortless to follow without losing the magnificence of Lewis’s scholarly prowess.”
--Leah Borntrager, Wellness Program Director, Wesley Manor Retirement Community, Frankfort, Indiana

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