About Kevin Radaker

Kevin Radaker (Ph.D., Penn State, 1986) is Professor of English at Anderson University in Anderson, Indiana. In the fall of 2009, he began offering his dramatic portrayal of C.S. Lewis to places of worship, colleges, universities, libraries, and retirement communities. In all, he has offered his Lewis over 70 times in eight states and at an international teachers' conference in Beijing, China.

Professor Radaker is a seasoned professional in offering one-man shows. Since 1991, he has presented his portrayal of American author Henry David Thoreau over 400 times throughout the United States. For more information on his portrayal of Thoreau, see his website at www.thoreaulive.com.

In 2016, he began offering a dramatic portrayal of Winston Churchill. To learn about this new portrayal, see his website at www.winstonchurchilllive.com.

As for his teaching duties, he teaches several upper-division courses in American Literature, two general education courses entitled "Christianity and Literature" and "Valuing Through Literature," and first-year composition courses. He has presented numerous papers on Thoreau and other American authors at academic conferences, and he has published articles on Thoreau, Herman Melville, Annie Dillard, and Wendell Berry in encyclopedias and academic journals.

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